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Sanuku: Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday everyone. Dec 12, 2014 22:47:19 GMT -8
MtZ: This is still up, but is not up... Dec 13, 2014 3:11:01 GMT -8
SumoSplash: What's up Sanuku? Yeah, you can call this place Sumo from now on. I run the Shoutbox. Stop in for a chat now and again. Oh, and say hi to Eli for me. Dec 13, 2014 3:19:35 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Has anyone played Instantion? Dec 13, 2014 3:19:56 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Holy crap, has anyone played Clarc? I'm trying out the free version now and it's really good. Dec 13, 2014 4:52:21 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Penumbear just went FREE. Dec 15, 2014 19:47:34 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I picked up Offroad Legends 2, even though it has some Paidmium. I really liked the feel of physics from the first one. Dec 15, 2014 22:13:45 GMT -8
selachii: Phoenix HD getting some cool new stuff. Mainly 1 new ship, the Flare, from Flare Elite. Which has the Flare Elite mechanics. And a 'test flight' feature to play with ships you don't own! Dec 16, 2014 6:25:50 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Just in time for Christmas, I presume... Dec 16, 2014 19:12:02 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Skullduggery just went free. Dec 16, 2014 23:17:12 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I absolutely cannot believe that Meltdown has gone this long without a fix. Dumbfounding. Dec 16, 2014 23:19:01 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Reckless 3 down to .99 cents. Dec 16, 2014 23:47:53 GMT -8
Connector: I am here copaeci my friend. I missed all of you. I just got out of the hospital. Copaeci, i will probably need you to help me, we need a number two person here when i am busy, you deserve it, bramblettt used to be, and I will try to get him back too Dec 17, 2014 17:35:12 GMT -8
Connector: Selachii, it is good to see you and sumo as always. I will be starting a new venture that I will call Project Phoenix with your permission. I will talk to you in the mod room about it. Thxs for always being a friendly developer. Dec 17, 2014 17:37:11 GMT -8
Connector: I hope Flare is good, the Chatroom will be buying it soon, to support you! Dec 17, 2014 17:38:18 GMT -8
Connector: Clarc is good Sumo. Dec 17, 2014 17:38:57 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Yes, I liked what I saw with the free version and will be unlocking the full game. Dec 18, 2014 0:32:58 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Connector, I think it's time we rename this place SumoSplash. It's only logical. Dec 18, 2014 0:33:34 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Expect a fantastic Plasma Sky update in the future. I think John would give me permission to say that much. Dec 18, 2014 0:39:17 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Colossatron dropped to free. If you can tolerate the IAP then it's a fun game. Of course, that particular 'if' is bigger than most others. Dec 18, 2014 16:58:56 GMT -8 *