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Connector: Gooogggggllllleeeeee..... who started the internet?????????????? UCLA of course, I wentto Princeton, UCLA, and will go to Todai, University of Tokyo soon......... Nov 4, 2015 13:22:57 GMT -8
Connector: we are backall... finally, we shall show that Eli the nerd won ios, but we got Google and Android oon Connectorized sidez now. nowto get backto work with google asmy best friend fornow... Nov 4, 2015 13:24:17 GMT -8
Connector: aple is consideringmy request for a free ipad pro, should be released end of october or so... 2015..... release date of ipad pro is sooon, oct 31- Novenber 2015. Nov 4, 2015 13:25:31 GMT -8
Connector: but we will now rebuild here with an internatiuonal frontpage starting in Japan, USA, Indonesia, andof course maybe England too.... Nov 4, 2015 13:27:08 GMT -8
Connector: tomorrowwill always be a brighter daythan today, we will winnow...... :D Nov 4, 2015 13:27:46 GMT -8
ethanbarbieri: Fear the Running DEAD: Have you HORDE of this game?! Free endless runner RPG ! Nov 11, 2015 0:16:55 GMT -8
Connector: Oik, we are ready to start.... :)) Nov 14, 2015 14:47:13 GMT -8
Connector: I declare every forum public to state the truth... 8D Nov 14, 2015 14:47:46 GMT -8
Connector: We will be at 1000 members very soon, who started the internet??? UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!! (:)) Nov 14, 2015 14:48:52 GMT -8
Connector: and SumoSpalsh, you are now a mod again, timeout for 3 days from today, I will unban you if you choose to come back..... Thanks, my friend, sorry for the temp timeoutz....... P-) Nov 14, 2015 14:56:09 GMT -8
babysquidstudios: Guys I made a game! Nov 20, 2015 19:28:09 GMT -8
babysquidstudios: Nov 20, 2015 19:33:58 GMT -8
thangdaivuong: SAVE THE PRINCESS ON THE SKY! [br]IOS:[br]Android:[br][br]OVERCOME EXTREME CAVE! [br]IOS: Nov 26, 2015 6:03:30 GMT -8
khuongld0512: hey game for relex Dec 3, 2015 0:13:40 GMT -8
khuongld0512: Dec 3, 2015 0:14:18 GMT -8
khuongld0512: Dec 3, 2015 0:14:46 GMT -8
davidous: Hi,[br]There is a new game on IOS just coming out ![br][br]« SKYWARS: Rise of Archon » [br][br]All Kingdoms are almost empty so there is a good place to take and being strong before every body[br]You Win 50$ with a promo code for each new players, lets use it and start to b Dec 6, 2015 4:45:48 GMT -8
piksalstudio: Hello, Our Swapologic game is available on the App Store and free to download now. iOS Store: Dec 20, 2015 23:37:17 GMT -8 *
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jenkopenko: try it out Jan 12, 2016 8:38:30 GMT -8