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Shoutbox Logs - The Chatroom's Real Time Chat!

This forum will house Shoutbox logs and also be used to support our real time chat.

4 153 Shoutbox Logs - The Chatroom's Real Time Chat
by Connector
Aug 31, 2015 16:22:12 GMT -8
General Chatting

You can talk about anything here.

40 4,467 The best browser
by Connector
Aug 27, 2015 17:19:40 GMT -8
Lounge Games

This forum is for games that can be played on this forum like Word Association, Change a Letter, etc

21 5,452 Count to 1 000 000
by Connector
Aug 25, 2015 12:22:29 GMT -8
Spam Chat Forum

This forum is for super fast chatting. You can make as many threads as you want, post as much as you want. Yeah spam it up here.

36 425 A mother looking for advice
by Connector
Aug 31, 2015 16:07:36 GMT -8
Photo and Video Albums

This forum is for threads that contain a large number of photos or videos.

33 2,000 Funny Gifs
by Connector
Jul 18, 2014 7:42:54 GMT -8
Introductions and Individual Chatting

Please introduce yourself by starting a thread in your name and tell us about yourself! You can chat in here too!

53 976 Greetings from the 2Desserts Treehouse
by Connector
Dec 17, 2014 17:54:26 GMT -8

iOS Gaming Forums

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General iOS Game Discussion Forum

This iOS gaming forum is designed for any discussions about iOS gaming in general for your iPhone or iPad.

114 3,440 Looking for suggestions and classification of these ios games.
by Connector
Aug 27, 2015 18:12:50 GMT -8
iPhone and iPad Game Forum (iOS)

The iPhone and iPad Game Forum (iOS)Forum is for the the most active game threads from the iPhone and iPad Game General Start Forum. Please start threads in that forum first. Thxs!

Sub-boards: iOS Game Reviews and 15 Minute Reviews, iOS Weekly New Game Releases Forum - iPhone and iPad, Recommended iOS Games Forum (iPhone,iPad), iPhone and iPad Game General Start iOS Forum

1,173 9,809 Hidden Object: Mystery Hollywood Find Celebrity
by carest
Aug 29, 2015 2:47:00 GMT -8
The Elite Group led by Frost from Toucharcade's Fight Club Social Group

A place you can complain about moderation issues at Toucharcade without getting reported and permabanned.

17 709 Toucharcade Screenshots
by Connector
Feb 8, 2015 14:38:39 GMT -8
HDMI, iCade, Apple TV, Oculus Rift, and Apple Accessories Forum

This forum is used to talk about any information related to Apple Accessories such as iCade, HDMI, Apple TV, hybrid styluses, tripods, Oculus Rift and soundbars.

30 503 Misc iOS Apple Accessories for iPhone, iTouch or iPad
by loopz
Nov 11, 2014 8:35:38 GMT -8
MFi Game Controller Forum (Apple iOS 7 For iPhone and iPad)

This forum is for information and reviews about Apple MFi Game Controllers, also known as iOS 7 Joysticks, which will work for your iPhone and iPad.

29 1,494 Jailbroken iOS MFi Game Controllers & PS3 Jailbreak Joystick
by Claudio Aguilera
Sept 5, 2014 19:14:43 GMT -8


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The Chatroom's Promo Code Giveaways (iOS, Steam, Android)

If any user, developer or publisher would like to have a featured promo code giveaway, please post it here or private message Connector.

57 520 Downhill* Chapter One - Isometric minimal flow run
by screenimplosion
Aug 13, 2015 8:06:35 GMT -8

Important Chatroom Related Announcements.

33 147 Chatroom iOS Forum Reorg
by Connector
Dec 17, 2014 17:40:36 GMT -8

Console, PC, Steam and Android Forums

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Steam & PC Gaming Forum

Anything related to Steam, Steam Accessories, Steambox, and PC gaming in general

14 133 Hounds Online: The Last Hope Released
by marvolo15
May 23, 2015 4:21:25 GMT -8
Console, PC, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, and Mac Discussions

Anything related to Consoles, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PCs, Macs, Laptops, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone,or anything close.

36 484 PC, Windows phone, or tablet gaming
by snezana
Mar 3, 2015 2:03:34 GMT -8
Android, Google, Kindle, or other Tablets/Phones Related/Misc

Anything related to any tablets or phones related to Android, Google, Kindle, or other brands.

22 295 Mad Catz M.O.J.O Micro Game Console (Android, MOJO, Madcatz)
by Connector
Jul 16, 2014 11:20:36 GMT -8
Android Gaming Forum

This forum is for discussion about any particular game on Android.

119 293 [FREE] Pixel Block Cube Craft Builder
by pmail0001
Aug 26, 2015 4:35:34 GMT -8

Entertainment Related

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ESPN Zone - Anything Sports Related

Talk about anything related to sports here.

5 113 Automobile Appreciation Thread
by Connector
Jul 7, 2014 9:19:22 GMT -8
Music Related

Anything related to music, rockstars, international music, youtube videos, gossip, etc put in here!

21 346 What do you think about this song? comment please
by pavlston
Jul 27, 2015 15:40:34 GMT -8
TV Related

Anything to do with what's on television, like shows, actors or actresses, gossip, news, etc.

12 61 The Voice
by Connector
Jul 13, 2014 8:22:08 GMT -8
Movie or Movie Star Discussions

Talk about anything related to movies, movie stars, reviews, trailers, etc.

12 156 Cool Movie Trailers
by Connector
Jun 7, 2014 14:58:30 GMT -8
Cartoons or Anime or MLP or Manga

Talk about anything related to anime, cartoons, mlp, simpsons, etc.

13 383 The My Little Pony thread - NO HATERS ALLOWED
by MidianGTX
Oct 4, 2014 19:28:06 GMT -8


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Help and Rules

This is a place to ask for help especially if you are new. User manuals, docs, faqs, rules are all here for newcomers and saged veterans alike.

20 60 Forum Rules
by Connector
Sept 12, 2014 14:41:53 GMT -8
English Study and Misc

Since we have so many international people on this forum, this forum was created to assist in the study of the English language.

Sub-boards: Instruction Manuals, Chinese

10 146 Words of the Day (学华文字)
by Alotta 7'z & z'z
Jun 14, 2014 6:28:10 GMT -8
Suggestions and Feedback

Place any suggestions or feedback here either in the Suggestions Box, or start a new thread if necessary. Thanks!

Sub-board: Partner Sites and Blogs

15 236 Suggestion Box
by Connector
Sept 12, 2014 14:11:28 GMT -8

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Connector, SumoSplash


Connector: Guess Sumo, we gotta see how this odd reorg is going to go and if anyone wants to comeback. check the ios forum though someone wants some recommends for some rpg games. Where should I put this reorg thread? Aug 27, 2015 16:29:06 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I have no idea where to put anything. I just use the Shoutbox. The way you have things organized here is very confusing to me, so I just avoid it :) Aug 28, 2015 0:31:23 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Geo Wars 3, Trigonarium, Inferno 2: The trifecta of modern iOS dual stick shooters. Aug 28, 2015 0:58:30 GMT -8
Connector: This site is confusing now.I agree, we will see how it gpes I guess. I like dual sticks too. Geo wars and inferno first ones were pretty good. Aug 28, 2015 21:07:03 GMT -8
Connector: Will add them to my dual sticks thread later with videos. I think the new users were looking more for rpg action/adventure type games though. Aug 28, 2015 21:10:33 GMT -8
SumoSplash: The new Space Marshals chapter 3 update is great. Aug 29, 2015 0:21:24 GMT -8
SumoSplash: This site… You need to trash everything that isn't iOS related. You also need to put things in a more logical order, with the immediate subjects first. Aug 29, 2015 0:24:02 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Get rid of anything related to TouchArcade and all that bullsh|t. You don't want to have any ties to that place. That being said, the way they have their site set up makes a lot more sense to navigate than this one does. Aug 29, 2015 0:24:45 GMT -8
SumoSplash: iPhone and iPad Games is the main heading/forum. Directly under that as sub-forums, you have Universal (which would be almost all games), then iPhone, then iPad. This is what should come as the first section you see upon entering the site. Aug 29, 2015 0:29:41 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Of course, before I give any more advice, you have to state your age, your gender and your location, so that people dealing with you have transparency. For example, SumoSplash: 36/M/PA. See? Not that hard. I also like big tits with perky nipples. Aug 29, 2015 0:33:51 GMT -8 *
Connector: Before, we used to chat alot, if we are going to go more ios related, then what you say makes sense. Before, the site was more of a reference manual with chattting and other stuff. Of course you should know I am male and from Los Angeles. Aug 29, 2015 19:26:48 GMT -8
Connector: We will just take it slow and see what happens, we shall see. Hopefully, some will want to chat in a neutral site where one can say whay they want and chat about whatever, whether it is ios or whatever. Aug 29, 2015 19:30:51 GMT -8
SumoSplash: You can still have the 'chatty' stuff in there, but I would put all the iOS stuff first and make the interface here as clean as possible. In other words, the chat aspect can be more of a background feature. This is mostly just an issue of organization. Aug 29, 2015 22:31:56 GMT -8
SumoSplash: You can give your age too. No one is going to care if you are young or old. It's the Internet, who gives a fu<k. Aug 29, 2015 22:32:54 GMT -8
Connector: My age is closer to yours than Hoggys. Just don't want to get too more specific because one's birthdate is often part of people's security info for bank accounts etc. Anyhow this week I am going to try to call a couple of people here too see if anyone Aug 31, 2015 16:12:07 GMT -8
Connector: wants to come back at all. Then if people are interested, we can start a more concerted effort to rebuild, or if not many want to come back, then it will be more of a reference manual and of course we will have this chat line which I will try to keep Aug 31, 2015 16:13:16 GMT -8
Connector: current in the shoutbox forum thread so we can keep track to what we are talking about. I will update some forums like the mfi gamepad or icade game lists, and clean up the forum a bit too. It is too bad that I had to take such a long time off, since Aug 31, 2015 16:15:14 GMT -8
Connector: the forum at the time had such a good start, but it's ok, sometimes one falls down in life, and somehow this forum still lived without me for a year, so no worries on what it will become or what happens. I will accept all the blame for the absence, Aug 31, 2015 16:16:31 GMT -8
Connector: and hopefully some will want to come back or some new members may want to comeback so we can revive our reviews or chat or game recommends or whatever. Aug 31, 2015 16:17:38 GMT -8
Connector: The most recent shoutbox logs are here: http://thechatroom.freeforums.net/thread/1397/shoutbox-logs-chatrooms-real-time?page=8&scrollTo=42487 Aug 31, 2015 16:48:59 GMT -8