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The Elite Group led by Frost from Toucharcade's Fight Club Social Group

A place you can complain about moderation issues at Toucharcade without getting reported and permabanned.

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General Chatting

You can talk about anything here.

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This forum is for games that can be played on this forum like Word Association, Change a Letter, etc

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This forum is for super fast chatting. You can make as many threads as you want, post as much as you want. Yeah spam it up here.

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This forum is for threads that contain a large number of photos or videos.

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Please introduce yourself by starting a thread in your name and tell us about yourself! You can chat in here too!

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General iOS Game Discussion Forum

This iOS gaming forum is designed for any discussions about iOS gaming in general for your iPhone or iPad.

114 3,437 Zombie's got a Pogo looking for beta testers!
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May 22, 2015 2:43:33 GMT -8
iPhone and iPad Game Forum (iOS)

The iPhone and iPad Game Forum (iOS)Forum is for the the most active game threads from the iPhone and iPad Game General Start Forum. Please start threads in that forum first. Thxs!

Sub-boards: iOS Game Reviews and 15 Minute Reviews, iOS Weekly New Game Releases Forum - iPhone and iPad, Recommended iOS Games Forum (iPhone,iPad), iPhone and iPad Game General Start iOS Forum

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HDMI, iCade, Apple TV, Oculus Rift, and Apple Accessories Forum

This forum is used to talk about any information related to Apple Accessories such as iCade, HDMI, Apple TV, hybrid styluses, tripods, Oculus Rift and soundbars.

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MFi Game Controller Forum (Apple iOS 7 For iPhone and iPad)

This forum is for information and reviews about Apple MFi Game Controllers, also known as iOS 7 Joysticks, which will work for your iPhone and iPad.

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Important Chatroom Related Announcements.

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Steam & PC Gaming Forum

Anything related to Steam, Steam Accessories, Steambox, and PC gaming in general

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Console, PC, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, and Mac Discussions

Anything related to Consoles, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PCs, Macs, Laptops, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone,or anything close.

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Android, Google, Kindle, or other Tablets/Phones Related/Misc

Anything related to any tablets or phones related to Android, Google, Kindle, or other brands.

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Android Gaming Forum

This forum is for discussion about any particular game on Android.

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ESPN Zone - Anything Sports Related

Talk about anything related to sports here.

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Music Related

Anything related to music, rockstars, international music, youtube videos, gossip, etc put in here!

20 345 Boss
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TV Related

Anything to do with what's on television, like shows, actors or actresses, gossip, news, etc.

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Movie or Movie Star Discussions

Talk about anything related to movies, movie stars, reviews, trailers, etc.

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Cartoons or Anime or MLP or Manga

Talk about anything related to anime, cartoons, mlp, simpsons, etc.

13 384 •THE OTAKU ZONE• (Anime and Manga Discussion)
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Help and Rules

This is a place to ask for help especially if you are new. User manuals, docs, faqs, rules are all here for newcomers and saged veterans alike.

20 60 Forum Rules
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English Study and Misc

Since we have so many international people on this forum, this forum was created to assist in the study of the English language.

Sub-boards: Instruction Manuals, Chinese

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Suggestions and Feedback

Place any suggestions or feedback here either in the Suggestions Box, or start a new thread if necessary. Thanks!

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SumoSplash, Gkj1213, asia213


SumoSplash: Has anyone played Particle Mace? May 24, 2015 2:59:03 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Honestly, Zen has pumped out so many tables of the same exact formula that I have largely lost interest. That's not to say I don't like the tables, because I do, but I don't get too excited hearing about something else that is just a variation... May 24, 2015 5:04:44 GMT -8
SumoSplash: …of the same exact thing over and over. I also wish they had demo versions mixed in with the main app. Almost every pinball game has a demo or trial except Zen. May 24, 2015 5:05:41 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Zen tables can also be extremely cryptic to understand, even with the (often lackluster) instructions, which makes them unnecessarily difficult to play. May 24, 2015 5:06:46 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Vibrant fantasy pinball that I always appreciate, but largely the same table repackaged with different themes. Sorcerer's Lair is probably the best of the bunch too. May 24, 2015 5:10:01 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I saw a video for a new Rotate game, ironically I think it was called Rotate Zen or something, but it isn't available on the store. Anyone play that? EDIT: Rotate--Zen Journey. May 24, 2015 5:11:51 GMT -8 *
bramblett05: Well vita has demos in theirs. I have 6 tables maybe 7: Avengers,portal,walking dead, venom, South Park and Star Wars Rebel alliance. I technically have 2 more but some how I had them on ps4 and not vita though I don't have a ps4. May 24, 2015 7:12:20 GMT -8
bramblett05: I do agree on it being hard as hell though. Also they add all this movement of characters but you can't look at that because you have to keep your eyes on the ball/balls. May 24, 2015 7:13:39 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Yes, it tends to take far too long to 'decipher' the instructions they give and then apply it to the gameplay. Often times things on the table are not lit up enough or are too obscured to see properly, making it impossible to see the objective. May 24, 2015 11:09:46 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Those are the factors that prevent me from owning their tables even more so than the repetition of formula. They also don't help themselves when they make 10 tables under the same theme. That just waters things down. May 24, 2015 11:15:37 GMT -8
SumoSplash: The worst thing about Zen though is when you buy a table through one app it doesn't carry over to another app. That's really bad. May 25, 2015 0:46:47 GMT -8
JCho133: Dope Phial, what's your name so I can look out for your pieces on TA? May 25, 2015 22:32:00 GMT -8
SumoSplash: Choster, any word on that Meltdown update? May 26, 2015 21:28:03 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: I downloaded Traps/Gemstones. Good game, but I am finding that going back over the same areas over and over to find where relics are placed to be repetitive and annoying. May 26, 2015 21:30:30 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I feel like I'm doing the exploring to make the gameplay, when really the gameplay isn't strong enough to encourage a desire to explore. May 26, 2015 21:43:09 GMT -8
SumoSplash: I'm embarrassed to say as a person who's gotten 100% in both Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid, as well as Symphony of the Night that I am stumped in Traps/Gemstones. I'm not finding anymore relics and none of the relics I have are working. May 26, 2015 22:35:08 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: Holy Christ, this game is like CRACK: https://appsto.re/us/_Fp35.i May 27, 2015 21:49:09 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: There's a single IAP to disable ads and unlock all the ships, which I'm ok with if the ships are just skins. They do play differently from one another, but they don't seem to affect the gameplay any. If so, the IAP is basically an ad disable and skins. May 27, 2015 21:51:18 GMT -8 *
SumoSplash: I've only unlocked a few ships thus far, so too early to tell yet if this is actually a legit Freemium game. May 27, 2015 21:55:43 GMT -8
SumoSplash: It would seem Connector has vanished into Eli's basement again. This is becoming as redundant as it is comical. May 29, 2015 23:43:32 GMT -8 *